DADE COUNTY, GA (WRCB) - Every time it rains, residents of Dale Trail in Dade County say a part of their road washes away.

The small gravel road in Dade County sits just off Tatum Gulf Road.

"Sometimes after a bad rain, it's very difficult," said Raudy Maxwell, who has lived on Dale Trail for two years, "and after the past snow storms we could not even get out of here for a week."

Maxwell says every time it rains or snows he worries what might happen if his home caught fire. He doubts fire trucks wouldn't be able to reach his home.

"You should be able to get to your home and leave your home," said Maxwell, "and it should be safe as well."

Safety isn't the only concern.

The post office does not deliver on Dale Trail, leaving some residents to travel a mile to their mailbox.

School buses pick children up on the end of the road.

Pansy Wilson worries about her children making that walk alone.

"Not knowing who, you know, drives up and down this road," said Wilson, "it makes me nervous."

Residents want the county's help in making the road passable, but that's not likely.

"You can't put government equipment on private property," said County Commission Chairman Ted Rumley, "it's against the law."

Rumley says the county could take over maintenance, but the road would have to meet certain standards first. It would need to be resurfaced, and a 60 foot right-of-way and cul-de-sac would be required. The entire list could cost an estimated $100,000.

"Most people don't have that money," said Maxwell, "we pay taxes so we would think that should go towards the care of a road."

Eyewitness News learned Dale Trail is subdivided, meaning the dozen or so families who live there share ownership.

Commissioner Rumley says it's out of his hands and had this advice for homeowners. "You've got to be careful if you buy a piece of property on a road," he said, "you've got to ask the realtor who is responsible for this road."