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Legal issues arise over state's death penalty drug

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) – Legal issues over Tennessee's lethal injection drugs may cause delays on death row.

The state's supply of lethal injection drug sodium thiopental has been seized by the federal government.

Tennessee, like other states, had to turn over its stock of the drug because of allegations it may have been obtained illegally from an unregulated overseas provider.

The drug is used to sedate the inmate.

Other states have started using pentobarbital, which is commonly used in animal euthanasia.

Tennessee's Department of Corrections has said it would consider the drug.

Three Hamilton County inmates are on death row.

Harold Nichols was sentenced in May 1990 for the rape and murder of 21-year-old Karen Pulley.

Leroy Hall was sentenced in March 1992 for first degree murder.

And Marlon Kiser was sentenced in November 2003 for the death of Hamilton County deputy Donald Bond.

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