CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Chattanooga is home to the top ranked 65-pound boxer in the nation. Ten-year-old Kiwon Toney won the National Silver Gloves earlier this year. As we found out, there's more to this story than just a really good boxer.

Kiwon's parents wanted more than the street life for their son. West Side Boxing Club downtown gave him the opportunity, and Kiwon is simply running with it.

"I am not going to have my son in the streets in any way. I will do what it takes to keep him out of trouble," said Kiwon's mother, Tonletta Moore.

Punch by punch, with the help of his parents and the West Side Boxing Club ten-year-old Kiwon Toney is keeping the streets at bay.

With more than a dozen shootings in four months, the victims getting younger and younger, Kiwon knows this is about more than just boxing.

Kiwon said, "stay strong in life, don't give up, be a better man."

Heavy words from a 65-pounder, but the little guy lives up to his word. After winning the National Silver Gloves earlier this year he did something that no one expected.

"I took my belt off and put it on my opponent and told him he's number one too, because he was looking lonely, and God told me to," said Kiwon.

A very proud West Side Head Coach Andy Smith says that is what they teach, to a tee. He says it's all about life lessons. What starts in the ring should continue outside of it.

Smith said, "when you get hit in the face and it feels like all the weight of the world is on you, how are you going to respond? It's the same way in life. What we try to do is use these lessons in the gym to teach them lessons in life."

Win or lose, one thing is certain, the future is as bright as it gets for this 65-pounder and his fists of fury.

Smith added, "if he'll stick with it, the sky is the limit. He'll go as far as he wants to go."

We asked Kiwon where he thinks he'll be in 10 years, he said with a big smile, probably collecting belts on the professional level.

If you want to catch him in action, he's fighting at the Brainerd Rec Center on April 30th, and May 1st in the 75th annual Chattanooga Golden Gloves.