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UPDATE: Erlanger and Hutcheson sign management agreement

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FORT OGLETHORPE, CATOOSA COUNTY, GA (WRCB) -- Board of Trustees of The Hospital Authority of Walker, Dade and Catoosa Counties and Erlanger Health Systems signed a management agreement, Thursday night.

The agreement now goes before the respective Boards in meetings on Monday. The agreement faces formal final approval and will then go into effect.

"This management agreement isn't a magic bullet. It's just an agreement that allows us to begin the work. The real magic is in us all coming together to make this a vibrant place," says Jim Brexler, Erlanger Health System CEO. 

One of the first steps in the agreement is to agree on a strategic plan. That could take up to two to three months to put together.

At the Erlanger Board meeting on April 13, Erlanger voted to provide Hutcheson with executive leadership, strategic planning, physician support and a large line of credit.

This agreement comes weeks after Hutcheson laid off 75 employees.

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