CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Police say they want to stop a gun-waving suspect before he turns more violent. They hope someone will recognize an Eyewitness who could help them solve this robbery.

"My view if they're waving a gun there's nothing they're not capable of. If they're willing to use a gun they'll do anything," says Chattanooga Police Detective Dale Taylor.

Detective Taylor says he wants to stop this suspect before he strikes again.

They say a man in the black hooded sweatshirt robbed the Family Dollar in the 3200 block of Rossville Boulevard on April 11th.

"He did threaten to shoot but never fired anything," says Taylor.

Police say the thief used a gun to demand money from two employees inside. No one was injured but one cashier quit her job shortly afterward.

Police want to stop him before the danger escalates.

"You never know which bad guy it's gonna be, just a bit more edge than the last time and somebody gets shot," says Taylor.

Detectives believe the Eyewitness can help them catch their suspect. They want to make it clear, the man with the beard is not a suspect but he may have information that can lead to the gunman.

"I know what he saw on the inside, he walked in, met with a gun and ran don't blame him I would have ran too," says Taylor.

Police say the suspect is black, has a mustache, is about 5 '7 and weighs 160 Pounds.

"I'm a firm believer somebody will recognize something about him something will be familiar to somebody humans are creatures of habit, something will be a part of his everyday routine," says Taylor.

If you think you can identify the suspect or the eyewitness, police need your help. Call Crime Stoppers at 698-3333.

You could get a cash reward and as always, it's a confidential call.