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UPDATED: Lafayette man accidentally shot self

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Tuesday, a North Georgia community is dealing with the shock of a deadly shooting. 

Authorities have identified the man who accidentally shot and killed himself as 24-year-old Jeremy Jackson.

Investigators say Jackson and his brother were getting ready to fish and hunt.  As the two got out of their vehicle, Jeremy Jackson reached for the rifle and it went off, hitting him in the head.

When Channel 3 asked Janice Kendrick why she wanted to hang a wreath near Arnold Road her answer is simple.

"Just in honor," she says.  "In honor of Jeremy."  Kendrick and her daughter, Jason Jackson's fiance, were at the scene Monday as paramedic rushed Jeremy Jackson to Erlanger.

"My son-in-law to be.  Jason and my daughter are getting married in two weeks.  Jeremy was supposed to be Jason's best man." 

"Jason was driving," says Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson.  "He had exited the pickup truck when he heard the shot fired." 

It was supposed to be a relaxing day for the identical triplet brothers.  They came to Kendrick's property off Arnold Road around 4 p.m. to fish and shoot, something the brothers did often.

"They just happened to have the day off together," says Kendrick.  "They've always been so close they had to spend the day together." 

Family members say Jason and Jeremy knew guns well, and always handled them responsibly.  Jason Jackson is a Corrections Officer for Walker County, and told deputies he didn't think the gun was loaded.

"Of course he immediately went to his brother, found out he was holding the rifle between his legs in the passenger seat of truck," says Sheriff Wilson. 

Jeremy Jackson had been shot in the lower left jaw.  "It'll be hard on them," says Kendrick.  "They'll take care of each other. They'll get through it."

Jackson leaves behind a fiance and 20-month-old daughter.  That's how Kendrick says she'll remember him, as a loving father. 

"He'll truly be missed," she says.  "Especially that little girl, because she loved her daddy and he loved her." 

Jackson's mother tells Channel 3 she wants people to know Jeremy was a wonderful son, fiance and father.

A fund in memory of Jeremy Jackson has been set up at the Bank of Lafayette.  The proceeds will go towards a college fund for his daughter.

The shooting was ruled accidental.  No charges will be filed.

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