CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)  --  The rain Friday night was so heavy it flooded a funeral home off Dallas Hollow Road and the neighborhood behind it.

Neighbors blame Hamilton County, because the water is coming through a drain which is maintained by them.  The county says the easement and property behind the road is private and therefore not their problem.

"It just couldn't stop," says Maple Place Homeowner, Lisa Denton.  "It flooded the garage, kitchen, my son's room, hall and living room." 

Lisa and Victor Denton's lives haven't been normal since Friday night.  "We're gonna have to have the walls literally cut out," Denton says.  "The cabinets taken out." 

It was around midnight Friday, that their neighborhood off Dallas Hollow Rd. in Soddy Daisy flooded.

"My husband was in his shop working," says Mandi Simons.  "All of the sudden his feet were covered in water." 

Simons lives next door to the Denton's.  Her house didn't flood, but the her husband's shop did.  "It just kept coming," she says.  "It was non-stop." 

The water comes from a 30" drain on Dallas Hollow Rd maintained by Hamilton County.  For neighbors that makes it a county problem.

"It's their drain flooding our neighborhood and homes," says Denton. 

Both families say they've contacted the Hamilton County Highway Department many times, only to be told Maple Place is a private easement and not their jurisdiction.

"We've got a creek that runs back behind this road where the water could go," Simons says.   

That's just one problem.  The bigger issue is the neighborhood only has very shallow ditches for stormwater to flow.   

Hamilton County Highway Department Director, Harold Austin, inspected the drain Monday afternoon.  However the answer for neighbors didn't change.  Austin says the neighborhood road is private, not built to county code and without a proper drainage system.

The whole ordeal has made Lisa and Victor Denton think about moving more than once since Friday.

"We're gonna have to figure out something to keep this from happening again," she says.  "Sand bags maybe in the future." 

According to the Chattanooga Home Builders Association the company that developed the neighborhood went out of business two years ago.  The latest Better Business Bureau rating on the company was an A+. 

Development industry professionals say this all boils down to 'buyer beware'.  It's a risk homeowners take when they choose to buy property on a private road.

Hamilton County says they could take over maintenance of the easement, but neighbors would have bring it up to county standard first.