CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Tax day usually means April 15th but this year tax day has been postponed to Monday, April 18th.

The move is due to the fact that Washington, D.C. celebrates Emancipation Day on April 16th, but because that date falls on a Saturday, the City is observing the holiday Friday.

Emancipation Day marks the occasion when President Abraham Lincoln signed a law ending slavery in D.C.

That's means tax preparers are working 3 extra days and some procrastinators are loving the extra three days.

But the weather in the Tennessee Valley Friday night, may have given some a reason to put it off another day.

"You're preacher, doctor and tax people know more about ya than anyone else," says Walter Coffman with H & R Block.

With a dozen years under his belt in the tax business, Coffman knows some folks are going to put off this process as long as humanly possible.

"We have procrastinators, people waiting, some think they owe and don't and some know they owe and don't wanna file till the last day," says Coffman.

Eyewitness News Talked with managers at several H & R branches across town, many say they were slammed until the heavy rain and threats of thunderstorms came and that's when some folks canceled appointments.

"This office isn't traditionally a rushed at the last day office.. We're more like a when you first get you're w2's office," says Coffman.

Eyewitness News Found only one tax preparer working with customers. We're told the Rossville Boulevard branch closest to the Georgia state line expects half of its customers to make appointments and the other half will just walk in and customers can do that until Monday at midnight.

"I look forward to tax season starting and I look forward to it ending....  Just like fish and company...after about 3 months... Tax season gets old," says Coffman.

Tax preparers will be working through the weekend, 9 to 5 at H & R, but Monday they won't close until midnight.