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Fort Oglethorpe Walmart Theft

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FORT OGLETHORPE, CATOOSA COUNTY, GA (WRCB) -- Fort Oglethorpe Police are trying to catch a thief they say used a crow bar to bash in a cash register.

"What concerns me is how quick he popped it open, it's like he's done it before," says Ft. Oglethorpe Police Detective Sergeant Greg Wingo.

If he has done it before, Police are hoping this will be the last time and they're counting in you to help.

Wingo says the suspect made off with $200 in cash from the Fort Oglethorpe Wal-Mart.

"Video shows him getting a pry bar and going in behind the register at the automotive sections," says Wingo.

Police say the suspect swiped a crow bar from the shelves of the store then used it to bash-in the register.

"Well he did more damage than the money He took I wasn't aware they left money to begin with," says Wingo.

But policy has since changed, thanks to this thief.

"Since he did so much damage to the register now they leave the empty cash out in the open for everyone to see," says Wingo.

Take a good look at the man. The surveillance cameras catch a clear glimpse of the suspect. While he did catch the eye of the loss prevention team, he got away with the crime.

"They followed him around but didn't catch him stealing anything," says Wingo.

You can help put him behind bars, if you have information or recognize the man call Fort Oglethorpe Police at 706-866-2512.

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