CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) – The father of accused cop killer Jesse Mathews made an appearance before a federal judge Wednesday.

Prosecutors highlighted Ray Mathews' history of aiding his son in his criminal activities.

They say when Jesse Mathews was 15, Ray helped Jesse hide a pickup truck he had stolen.  And when Jesse went on a robbery spree at 17, Ray hid the pistols Jesse used in the robberies, telling investigators he only owned air pistols.

Prosecutors went on to explain that Ray hadn't worked since February and all the money he had was allegedly funneled to him from Jesse's criminal activities.  

Prosecutors say Ray is a flight risk, with absolutely no ties to the community.

The federal judge ordered that Ray Mathews continued to be held without bond and bound the case to a federal grand jury.

Kathleen Mathews waived her right to a preliminary hearing, sending her case to a federal Grand Jury.

Mathews' sister, Rachel, is still in federal custody in North Carolina. She is scheduled to make her first appearance before a federal judge on May 2nd.

James Poteete, the boyfriend of Rachel Mathews, also waived his right to a preliminary hearing. Poteete is out of jail on bond.