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Local Toyota dealers learn of impact of Japan earthquake

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CLEVELAND, BRADLEY COUNTY, TN (WRCB) --Toyota is telling U.S. Dealers that new vehicles could be in short supply this summer.

In a memo to dealers, Toyota's U.S. General Manager says new vehicle supplies could be impacted because of production slowdowns in both North America and Japan.

Toyota has had trouble getting some parts and paint colors after its suppliers were damaged in last month earthquake and tsunami but the company still has more than 300 thousand vehicles in stock.

"You know, they're gonna try to build what they can build and get those to us," says Eddie Triplett, General Manager of Toyota of Cleveland.

That won't be as many vehicles as they're used to seeing at Toyota of Cleveland.

A memo to dealers says supplies could be "significantly impacted" in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Suppliers for parts, paint and electronics continue to be affected, some are shut down.

Triplett says his dealership has already missed out on one bi-weekly allocation of Toyotas.

"They're gonna try to make that number us to us because that's a substantial number of cars.  Could be, you know, 60 cars or more for us," says Triplett. "I'm seeing plans that say that the second half of the year, production is gonna be considerably ahead of last year."

And, Triplett says, the cars they are able to get just may end up being pretty popular.

"Prius is actually a bright spot for us.  We're actually gonna have more availability of Prius for the next few months than we've been able to expect, lately.  And with gas prices doing what they're doing, it's a good time to have that available to us," says Triplett.

Toyota of Cleveland is in the unique position, having recently opened their new facility on South Lee Highway, they've been able to take more cars than normal.

"We're gonna stay aggressively pricing and selling and taking care of our customers and, you know, making sure that the deals are good," says Triplett.

Triplett said he has more than 500 Toyotas available. While some colors may be limited in the coming months, he doesn't think the supply of replacement parts will be affected.

If you already drive a Toyota and need it repaired, your need will be considered first.

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