By Amy Morrow

Eyewitness News Reporter/Anchor

Chattanooga (WRCB) - Friends, family, even complete strangers welcome home the 212th Transportation Company.

The Army Reserve unit returned home Friday from a year deployment in Afghanistan.  The group first went to Indiana for training then to Afghanistan to move equipment in and out of the country.

Friday they were welcomed by those who love them the most.

Sheila Harwood talks about her 21 year old son Spc. Justin Brown, and says, "I am just so proud, just so proud."

Sgt. Steve Wilbur was holding his two sons when he said, "That's mainly what I wanted to do when I got here, run around and play with them.

SSgt. Patrick Lee says, "She did, she said Daddy, she wasn't' talking when I left, so I was surprised."

He's talking about his 2 year old daughter.  He and his wife decided to surprise their three daughters Friday.  The girls thought they were coming to welcome others home.  His 8 year old says, "I didn't realize it was him at first, then I realized it was him."

The 5 and 8 year olds also said, " We're gonna play a lot with him, and we're gonna show him around because our house has been re-ranged a lot."

Some Army reservists say they miss the simple things.  Spc. Justin Brown says, "Milk, American milk, it's soy over there."

The 212th completed 300 missions in Afghanistan.