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Brothers in the Badge; standing instead, while CPD stands down in mourning

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- Saint Elmo is both a short-trip and a far cry from Red Bank.

"this is a part of town I don't get to come to often," Red BanK Police Sgt. James Thompson says.

"Seeing it in the daylight, you get to see a lot of things I've never seen before."

Thompson, and Officer Mickey Robinson would make this beat their own, Thursday.

We're all a family when it comes to police officers," Sgt. Thompson says.

Regardless of what agency we work for."

A family's loss has put them here. Chattanooga Police Sgt. James Timothy 'Tim' Chapin, died Saturday morning after a shootout with a robbery suspect at a pawn shop on Brainerd Road. The suspect, Jesse Mathews, 25, was a fugitive from Colorado Springs, who walked away from a work-release program seven years into a twenty-year sentence for armed robbery.

It (Chapin's death) is not something you talk about at home," Sgt. Thompson says.

"However, when it happens like that, you can't get around talking about it."

"I've heard of other officers going down in the line of duty," Ofc. Robinson says.

"This is too close."

Sgt. Chapin's widow is the administrator for his son's pre-school.

It's why, the day Tim Chapin died, Robinson got his own 'gut check.'

"I actually second-guessed what I was doing,"he says.

"Because I want to be around for my son---but if it wasn't for Sgt. Thompson, Sgt. Chapin and myself, the streets might not be as safe."

Ofc. Robinson and Sgt. Thompson would work to keep Sgt. Chapin in their prayers Thursday; but keep his faith, off of their minds.

 "We don't really discuss the things that could happen because there's a lot of unknowns," Sgt. Thompson says.

"It gets your minds on other things than what you need to be doing."

The officers "standing instead" are riding tandem; extra eyes to cover the unfamiliar territory.

Throughout Chattanooga, marquees and flowers tell them the Scenic City has their backs.

"That was the first thing that ran through my mind was his (Sgt. Chapin's) family," Sgt. Thompson says.

"I always tell my wife and children I love them before I leave. That's a habit I've gotten into."

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