CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Congressman Chuck Fleischmann (R-TN-3) recognized the sacrifice of Sergeant Tim Chapin on the floor of the US House Tuesday.

Representative Fleischmann also acknowledged Officer Lorin Johnston in his remarks.

"Mr. Speaker, today I rise to honor two members of the Chattanooga police department who were shot over the weekend - one of them fatally - while responding to a robbery in progress.

Sergeant Tim Chapin was a 26-year veteran of the department. He lost his life in the line of duty on Saturday during a gun battle with an escaped convict who had robbed a local store. Throughout my law career I had the chance to interact with Sergeant Chapin on many occasions and found him to be an outstanding officer, and an even better human being.

Officer Lorin Johnston, who a few years ago donated a kidney to a fellow officer, was wounded during the gun battle as well.

I ask everyone to join me in saying many prayers for Sergeant Chapin's family, and his wife, Kelle, as she now has to raise two boys as a single mother.

Today we remember officers Chapin and Johnston, and those who serve alongside them keeping our communities safe. They are our heroes."