CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) --  Sgt. Tim Chapin, a veteran of the department who is being remembered as a quiet, humble man who loved his family and his community.

Chapin was a member of Abba's House in Hixson, his wife Kelle is on staff there.  The couple were heavily involved in youth group with their two children.

Everyone at awaken student ministries knews Sgt. Tim Chapin's spot on Wednesday nights.

"He was always right here in this area," says Youth Pastor Chris Brooks, pointing to a spot on the back wall.  The youth room is quiet and peaceful Monday, which is why Brooks says he decided to drop by before heading to his office Monday morning.  "I said, 'God what am I gonna do?'," says the pastor with tears in his eyes.  "Where's my watchman?" 

Brooks and Sgt. Chapin grew close in the last 3 years.  Chapin and his wife were part of the 'Awaken' student staff.

"He was on time and prompt," Brooks says of his friend.  "He showed up, and stood at the door.  He was welcoming and very loving, but he was there for a purpose.  He wasn't going to let anything happen to those kids." 

Brooks knows the next student service to be difficult for him and the 250 plus who gather for 'Awaken' Wednesday nights.

"I just loved on his kids," he says.  "I grabbed both of them and prayed with them, loved on them." 

Brooks immediately went to Chapin's home Saturday when he heard the news.

"I know they're coping," he says of Chapin's family.  "As anybody could." 

Chapin's wife, Kelle, was in class at Chattanooga State when authorities reached her with the devastating news Saturday morning.  His 12 year-old son and 15-year-old daughter were at home with their grandparents waiting for their mother. 

"He was an awesome dad and husband,"  Brooks says. 

The pastor says he knows now, it was no coincidence when the usually quiet officer approached him before service a few weeks ago.

"He said I want to thank-you for the way you love my children," says Brooks.  "You love them the way I do." 

Chapin's funeral will be Thursday at 1 p.m at Abba's House- Central Baptist Church in Hixson. Visitation hours will be Wednesday from 12-3 p.m. & 5-8 p.m.

The church has canceled all Wednesday night services in honor of the Chapin family.