CLEVELAND, TN. (WRCB)-- Cleveland Police are trying to determine what led to an afternoon murder at an extended stay motel on Keith Street.

Police say Rick Conner suffered a gunshot wound to the chest at the hands of his brother.

"They were drinking heavily and the twin who could talk was being a little off color," says neighbor Tiffani Drake.

Drake says she walked down to a neighbor's where a few men were gathered, drinking booze. She didn't stay long. Drake says one of the "twins" as she called them was getting sick and didn't seem to want to let go of his glass of whiskey.

"I left because I was afraid that things can happen and obvious something happened who knew," says Drake.

Drake says the brothers went back to their room.

It was about 3:30pm, Friday, when Cleveland Police were dispatched to Daybreak Suites. Paramedics found 46-year-old Conner, suffering from gunshot wound to the chest.

"The victim's brother was on the scene, in the room at the time…it's difficult to communicate with him," says Evie West, Cleveland Police Spokesperson.

Investigators say they are trying to piece together what happened, spending hours collecting evidence.

"Don't really know, could be a homicide, or a person can't communicate," says West.

"There was not any kind of fighting or anything in the room everything was fine, they were very intoxicated and when they're intoxicated it's they're not like they are when they aren't," says Drake.

Investigators say they are familiar with the brothers and have answered calls to a prior address.

"I'm not sure of the calls answered here, and according to the manager, they were not problems...if police come, they're not fighting they're talking," says West.

The word passed quickly through the walls of Daybreak.

"Don't know their history, what was going on... or what caused it," says neighbor Faye Wise.

"Alcohol and guns don't mix," says Billy Bob Wise.

Investigators say Rod Conner was intoxicated when they were interviewing him. He is charged with 2nd degree homicide. We were told that Rick, his brother, was his caretaker.