CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) --  Police made an arrest in a home invasion we brought you as breaking news Thursday morning.

Now his brother is wanted on similar charges.  It was the getaway car that lead police to 19-year-old Britain Crutcher.  Most of the Appling street homeowner's belongings have been returned to her. Still, news of the violent crime home invasion has neighbors worried.

Friday Channel 3 talks to a man who lives a block away, and whose home was also broken into this week.

Jamin Swanson says his family has lived in fear since their rental home on Fairleigh street was broken into Monday night.

"They came through and ransacked the house my drawers and everything were open," says Jamin Swanson. 

Swanson, his wife and baby weren't home at the time.  A neighbor called police and reported seeing several young black male suspects.

"One of them had long dreadlocks, one had short dreadlocks.  The other was short and chubby, and the fourth was in the shadows so they couldn't get a good description," Swanson says. 

The description sounds a lot like the men police say are responsible for Thursday's Appling St. home invasion, a block away from where Swanson lives. 19-year-old Britain Crutcher is in custody, facing several counts of aggravated kidnapping, assault and robbery.  Police are also looking for his brother London Crutcher wanted on several outstanding warrants.

There's still another similarity, "All they stole was my dinner out of the refrigerator," Swanson says. 

Which is also part of what the three Appling St. suspects got away with Thursday.  Despite it all, Chattanooga Police say the incidents aren't related.  Even more worrisome for the Swanson's.

"I'm not worried about the material stuff," the father says.  "That's replaceable, but if something we're to happen to my wife and child I would be devastated." 

Police haven't named the third suspect in the Appling St. home invasion.  If you have information on the second suspect, London Crutcher's whereabouts you're asked to contact police at 423-698-2525.