HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- Hamilton County Narcotics Detectives busted an elaborate marijuana set-up and put one man behind bars.

Investigators say the man was making a pretty good living selling pot, after all he had an operation worth about $200 grand!

"I's say he had a good business going," says Hamilton County Sheriff's Office Spokesperson, Janice Atkinson.

A so-called good business, that's just been shut down thanks to Hamilton County Sheriff's Department's Narcotics Division.

"Just the equipment alone is valued at $30 thousand and the marijuana $150 thousand...," says Atkinson.

Investigators say the plants alone are valued at about 80 grand.

Investigators say this guy was nurturing these plants, growing marijuana with a sophisticated hydro-ponic set up that looks more like a grade a science project.

"This is a very sophisticated expensive outfit," says Atkinson.

Investigators arrested 29 year old James Ryan Bellottie.

They say he claimed responsibility for the $200 thousand dollar set up at 627 Bell Avenue.

Investigators say he told them he was the only one involved. If so he's been busy growing, harvesting and packaging this pot for resale.

"This would go for about 4,000 dollars a pound ...it's high quality marijuana," says Atkinson.

Investigators were working off of a tip. They also seized about 5,200 dollars in cash. While this bust seems unique, detectives says it's the fifth of this kind they've worked this year.