Story by Gordon Boyd
Eyewitness News Reporter


Buy a house in the 6400 block of Snow Hill Road in Ooltewah, and you escape to rolling countryside and a view of the horses grazing on Heritage Farm.

But neighbors say Allen David Gibson, 53, his parents, and younger brother couldn't escape from themselves.

"They just fought each other," Shirley Plott says."He would have problems with his mother. Climb up in trees and shoot at the police when they would come. He chased his father one night, down through that field--shooting at his father."

Gibson's arrest record confirms troubles with temper and alcohol.

In 1997, a charge of attempted murder became a conviction for assault. He served two years in Silverdale.

He was charged with assault again in 2009.

By late 1994, he'd racked up his third conviction for driving under the influence. He was convicted of public intoxication twice.

His family has paid a price for his troubles. One neighbor tells Eyewitness News that the Gibson's once owned dozens of acres adjoining their home. But his mother began selling parcels twenty years ago, to help defray his legal bills.

Monday, Gibson's mother told investigators, she came home and found his body.

Tuesday, that home remains cordoned off; sheriff's investigators consider it a crime scene.

"The injuries are suspicious," Hamilton County Sheriff's spokeswoman Janice Atkinson says.

"They are treating this as a homicide."

Atkinson will not offer specifics.

We were never concerned, living around him," Plott says.

"He just never attempted to do anything with any of the neighbors."

Many neighbors, Plott says, know the GIbsons by name, barely.

Most even keep their distance from one another; just safer that way.

Whether Gibson met his end by his own hand, or by something or someone else, is of little consequence to her.

"It makes you think a little bit," she says.

"But as far as scared? Not really."