Story by Antwan Harris
Eyewitness News Reporter

SPRING CITY, TN (WRCB) --  A sub-contractor with the Watts Bar nuclear site was arrested by federal authorities for falsifying documents at the construction site.

The indictment says last August, 31-year-old Matthew Correll of Hixson completed paperwork saying he measured cables that were intending to supply energy to safety systems, but an investigation revealed he didn't take the measurements, nor make the proper inspections.

Jack Bailey, a Vice President of Nuclear Development with TVA says he was aware of the situation with Correll Thursday Morning and assured members of the Chattanooga Rotary Club no corners were cut during the plant's construction.

Bailey said U-S safety standards are much higher than Japan's and a catastrophic meltdown isn't likely.

Bailey said, "The real question is what happened over and why did it happen and do we have the same vulnerabilities in our plants or not."

The answer depends on how severe a "bad" situation is.

Most nuclear plants are engineered to withstand the worst conditions, and after Japan's tragedy, nuclear power companies in Japan are relaying information to the us on how to avoid such tragedies.

Bailey said, "If there is anything we missed with all the work we have done then we can."

Right now it's too early to call, but Bailey said all the TVA can do is prepare now for any type of danger should disaster strike.

"Right now our only indications are that if you have a design for your plant, you always have to think what if something is different than that or beyond," Bailey said.

If convicted Correll can face up to five years in prison and a $250,000 dollar fine.

He is due in court in May 23rd.