By Amy Morrow
Eyewitness  News Anchor/Reporter

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Chattanooga Police need your help tracking down the person who hit a homeless man with his car, and kept on driving.

It happened about a month ago, but police know they can solve this case.

Police say James Henderson was left for dead. Investigators say they have surveillance video of a man they need to talk to, maybe you can help find him.

"It's gotta be a moral obligation to stop you'd think," says Chattanooga Police Investigator Josh Brewer.

Someone did stop but not the person who hit 59 year old Henderson.

A passerby noticed the man lying in the middle of Appling Street off Amnicola Highway it was in the early morning February 21st.

"I ended up locating the cigarette, he had purchases at the gas station and it gave me an idea of where he was at when he was struck," says Brewer. "To be honest... I'm not quite sure he was standing or he mighta laid down," says Brewer.

Brewer says Henderson had walked into the Kangaroo sometime before he was struck.

"Clerk said he was very disoriented prior to leaving the store..he had opening his cigarette pack..and they clerk opened it for him," says Brewer.

Brewer says he wants to talk to a black man driving a mid 80's, blue, 4 door Chevy Caprice with chrome wheels.

"I believe it's quite possible he saw the victim before the accident, during or shortly after," says Brewer.

Brewer says Henderson may be homeless but he has family members who care about him. They say Henderson recently transferred from intensive care.

"He is gonna survive, and we hope the driver will come forward to help the family get closure," says Brewer.

Brewer says at this point the driver is facing hit and run charges. He says if the driver was drunk at the time, there's no way to prove that now.

If you were the driver who struck Henderson or you know who did, call Crime Stoppers at 698-3333.