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Chickamauga Lake


On December 18th the elevation of Chickamauga Lake was 675.80 to rise a bit to 676.00. The surface water temperature in the main lake is around 49.2 degrees. (To check daily elevations and projected of Chickamauga Lake visit :(

Crappie: Crappie fishing is good on Chickamauga Lake. Crappie are being caught around structure and old grass beds. Brush, docks, and bluff walls in 8 to 15 ft of water. Tubes and minnows seem to be the best producers. Some good catches reported also around docks and bluff walls.

Bass: Largemouth fishing on Chickamauga Lake is good .Bass fishing is good from 60 bridge up.Lots of catches reported in the Dayton Boat Dock area of the lake. Mid lake bass are being caught on rigs, jerk baits, swim baits spoons and shad rap crank baits around schools of shad. Some bass are being caught shallow in 5 to 8 ft of water on broken back shad raps and on spinner baits on cloudy days. Silver buddies are a good choice on colder days.

Bluegill: Bluegill fishing is good around old grass beds in 6 to 8 ft, of water using crickets.

Catfish: Lots of Catffish are being caught in the mouth of larger bays and channel banks. Shad cut bait is producing good numbers of cats.

Fishing Tip: Slow your presentation down in the winter time for more strikes .

Submitted by: Chattanooga Fishing Guides

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