On October18th the elevation of Chickamauga Lake was 680.24 to rise a bit to 680.50. The surface water temperature in the main lake is around 71.1 degrees. (To check daily elevations and projected of Chickamauga Lake visit :(https://www.tva.com/Environment/Lake-Levels/Chickamauga)

Crappie: Crappie fishing is good on Chickamauga Lake. Crappie are being caught around structure. Brush, docks, and bluff walls in 8 to 15 ft of water. Tubes and minnows seem to be the best producers. Some good catches reported also around docks and bluff walls.

Bass: Largemouth fishing on Chickamauga Lake is good .Bass fishing is good from 60 bridge up.Lots of catches reported in the Dayton Boat Dock area of the lake. A few reports in mid lake say ,frogs in grass mats with some top water action on cloudy dats.                                                                                  

Bluegill: Bluegill fishing is good around old grass beds in 6 to 8 ft, of water using crickets.

Catfish: Lots of Catffish are being caught in the mouth of larger bays and channel banks. Shad cut bait is producing good numbers of cats.

Fishing Tip: Wear YOUR life vest and save a life.

Submitted by: Chattanooga Fishing Guides