Story by Antwan Harris
Eyewitness News Reporter

EAST RIDGE, TN (WRCB) -- After watching a family run from a burning house, Taylor Vaughn said, "It was just pretty crazy, I mean they lost everything."

He lives next door to the home on Cathy Lane and watched a chaotic scene unfold from his window.

His neighbor's home burst into flames after a propane tank from a gas grill exploded on the back porch

Vaughn said, "It was worst than I expected it to be. The entire attic and roof were caved in."

Another neighbor, Zachary Fowler, said, "I didn't know what was going on. I just heard this is exploded and is everything ok?"

Fowler was helping his mother get ready for work when the fire happened.

He said many neighbors were kept at a safe distance while the firefighters worked to stop the fire from spreading.

Fowler said he saw the smoke and had to cover his face.

Once the flames began to rage neighbors tell said they were concern was if the wind would carry the flames next door.

Vaughn said, "At one point I was concerned because the wind stared blowing in that direction but I'm glad it didn't."

A city spokesperson said the way the fire started was not very common, as propane tank hoses are usually cleared through an inspection.

Many neighbors, said they are just grateful the family, including the pregnant mother, escaped in the nick of time.

Were told the fire did about $75,000 worth of damage and the family rented that home and did not have renter's insurance.

The Chattanooga Area Red Cross is assisting the family.