CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- A Chattanooga nightclub with a shady history has been condemned.

Just last weekend, two shootings were linked to Steppin' Out Pub and Grille, on Shallowford Road.

One man was shot in each leg and two men driving by the club told police shots were fired at their car. 

The owner, Charles Peacock tells Eyewitness News it's hard to link a shooting to his club when it wasn't open at that hour.

Peacock says the alleged shooting has nothing to do with the club's doors being locked on the club.

He says the city reported safety violations and he will need to do repairs to get the club back up to code.

Peacock surrendered the club's beer license in 2009. It was Thanksgiving morning 2009 when two men were shot at the Shallowford Road club.  The victims told police a fight broke out in the club and they were shot while trying to leave.

Peacock says he thinks it's time to get out of the night-club business. He plans to get his place back up to code and stick with a full service restaurant.