By David Carroll

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)- Eyewitness News has learned that Tennessee Temple Academy, a K-12 school operated by Tennessee Temple University, will close its doors at the end of the current school year.  The school, located on Highland Park Avenue, has been in operation for some sixty years.  Officials notified parents and staff on Wednesday.

The school has struggled financially for the past several years, with enrollment dropping at a rapid rate.  Some elementary grades reportedly had only a handful of students this year.

For many years, Tennessee Temple was a high school basketball powerhouse, but the sports program also suffered in recent years.

The K-12 closing is not expected to affect the university, according to school officials.

Here is a statement released Friday by the school:

Since 1951 Tennessee Temple Academy have been inspiring the youth of Chattanooga and surrounding area to pursue knowledge in a spiritually nurturing environment.  Unfortunately, the Board of Directors at Tennessee Temple University have recently made the decision to close the Academy and cease operations by the end of this school year in May. 

Current students will still be required to fulfill their academic responsibilities to remain in good standing and receive full credit for their enrollment.

We will be offering dual enrollment and online classes for High School Juniors and for any other information we would like to direct you to our office at
(423) 493-4337.