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Chattanooga closing in on Knoxville to be state's 3rd largest

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - The City of Chattanooga is now just 11,200 people away from passing Knoxville as Tennessee's third largest city. The 2010 U.S. Census data revealed the growth on Wednesday. Since the last Census in 2000, Chattanooga has grown 7.8% compared to Knoxville's 2.9%.

When it comes to the home counties, Hamilton County grew at a slower rate, 9.3%, than Knox County's 13.1%. The two counties are separated by 95,763 people.

The biggest metro area to drop in rankings from 2000 is Kingsport, dropping from the state's 9th largest city to its 12th largest. Cleveland holds its same position from 2000 at 14th.

On the county rankings, Bradley County is up to 13th in 2010 from 14th in 2000.

The fastest-growing counties in the state are Rutherford (44.3%) and Williamson (44.7%).

While Shelby County grew at 3.4%, Memphis is the only major city to lose population. Memphis is down 0.5%.

Largest Cities

  1. Memphis 646,889
  2. Nashville 626,681
  3. Knoxville 178,874
  4. Chattanooga 167,674
  5. Clarksville 132,929
  6. Murfreesboro 108,755
  7. Jackson 65,211
  8. Johnson City 63,152
  9. Franklin 62,487
  10. Bartlett 54,613
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