By Callie Starnes
Eyewitness News Reporter/ Anchor

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - A Chattanooga man called police to report shooting his own cousin. He claims he pulled the trigger to save his own life, but now he's charged with homicide.

"I knew something bad had happened you know when we saw them get the tape out," said Betty Blum.

Crime scene tape has been torn away, but what happened on Mallette Road early Wednesday morning is still fresh on the minds of Rodney and Betty Blum.

"You see on television all the time people say oh I didn't know there was somebody like that around here," said Rodney Blum, "we're in the same boat, we didn't know either."

The Blum's neighbor, 59 year-old William Larry Clarke, is charged with his own cousin's murder.

Clarke called police to confess to shooting 37 year-old Jason Hood, who lived just one street over.

Hood's truck was found outside Clarke's home, his body lying on the kitchen floor.

"He said he was awakened by his cousin who was assaulting him," said Sgt. Jerri Weary with the Chattanooga Police Department.

Clarke told police the cuts and bruises you can see in his booking photo came from Hood.

Clarke claims he got away from Hood and grabbed his gun. Still, officials are not treating this as a case of self defense.

"We have an obvious victim who is dead, we have an admission by the suspect who says he killed him," said Weary, "that is enough for the charge."

Weary says evidence taken from the scene will show if Clarke's story is true.

Until then, he sits in the Hamilton County Jail.

"He was kind of an odd ball but didn't cause any problems," said Rodney Blum, "it's surprising."

It will take some time to process the evidence taken from Clarke's home. If it proves self defense, officials say the charges could be dropped.

Clarke is due in court next month.


WRCB Staff

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) An arrest has been in made in a domestic shooting that happened late Tuesday night. 

Fifty nine year old William Larry Clarke is charged with the shooting death of his cousin Jason Ryan Hood.

It happened just before midnight at 7648 Mallette Road.  

Police offers found Hood lying face down on the kitchen floor.  He had a gunshot wound to the abdomen.

Clarke told police that Hood had attacked him while he was in the kitchen.  And at some point, Clarke said he was able  to make it to his bedroom where he got a gun and shot his cousin to make him stop the attack.

Police are investigating whether Clarke's version of events is accurate.

Clarke was taken to the hospital for injuries he suffered during the alleged attack.

Upon release from the hospital, he was arrested and charged with criminal homicide.


CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) Chattanooga Police are investigating a domestic shooting that happened just before midnight Tuesday at a residence in the 7600 block of Mallette Road.

  When police arrived, a middle aged man with visible signs of assault told police he had shot his male relative.

   He was taken into custody and then transported to the hospital for treatment.

   Police found the victim dead on the kitchen.

  Investigators are trying to determine what lead to the shooting or how the suspect came to be severely injured.