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Update 1: Man Cut on Windsor St

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Update 03/14/11

A man who was severely cut over the weekend is recovering.

When investigators spoke with Marvin Hinton, he told them he was approached by a local drug dealer named Tay and an unidentified male, about buying some more drugs.  He had just bought some the day before.

When Hinton refused, Tay pulled out a knife and began searching Hinton for money, while the unknown man stood in the doorway.

In trying to get away Hinton took a chair and hit the unknown man, he was grabbed by Tay and they began to struggle.  That's when Tay cut Hinton across the stomach.

Both suspects then took off.  Police are not sure if Hinton actually owed Tay money as reported earlier.  

Police still have not identified Tay or the second suspect.

Hinton was treated for the laceration to his abdomen and released.


CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- A man was severely cut Sunday night.

Chattanooga police say Marvin Hinton was approached by the suspect,  a man named "Tay," at 2114 B Windsor Street.

Officials tell us Hinton owed "Tay" money, but when he couldn't pay, "Tay" allegedly slashed him across the stomach area.

Hinton has been taken to a local hospital. His condition is unknown.

Stay with for any new details.

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