CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Chattanooga police need your help identifying two thieves who are among the city's latest car burglary suspects, which is a pretty long list.  See if you can help put them behind bars and score come cash in the meantime.

Investigator Charles Petty says, "ID theft is one of the fasting growing crimes in America."

And identity theft is a like a running buddy to the crime that seems to be keeping Chattanooga Police hopping, car burglaries.  Thieves stealing purses!

Petty says, "It's huge."

A problem that continues to grow, despite tools like this that help police get the bad guys. They have surveillance photos from the Gunbarrel Road Wal Mart. Police say the pair racked up hundreds in goods with stolen credit cards.

Petty adds, "Criminal of opportunity, yes, it could be anyone it could've been someone who wasn't planning and looked and saw it, hey this is easy."

Police say the men in the photos stole a purse in early February.  The victim had left it in her car, in her own driveway.  Her doors were unlocked.

Petty says, "One thing people think, it's in front of my house, it's safe."

Petty says it only takes seconds for a car burglary.  He also says we have to remember, it's never safe to leave a purse in a car, in any scenario.

He points out, " Make sure you travel light, if you don't wanna carry a purse with you, don't leave stuff in the vehicle that has value like GPS systems."

If you recognize either of the men in the photos, call Crime Stoppers at 698-3333.  The information could get you a cash reward up to one thousand dollars.