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Rain leaves Dade County creeks over-flowing, but little flooding

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By Gordon Boyd
Eyewitness News Reporter

DADE COUNTY, GA (WRCB) -- The creek flows into Old Hales Gap Road at Slygo, in Dade County, Georgia.

Rudolph Thompson could have predicted this.

 And he's no meteorologist.

"Anytime you got bad weather, cold weather, or freezing or something--you've got a doctor's appointment," he says. "And we got to drive 40 miles to get there."

He made it to Chattanooga and back.

 Valicia mason's happy to make it to her job at a dentist's in Trenton .

"I was a little concerned on the roads this morning that the creek was gonna rise," she says. "Possibly cause some problems getting in."

She means Lookout Creek, near Dade County's high school.

Rains lifted it three feet and turned it into a gorge Wednesday morning.

The flow looked like Class 1 rapids, tempting you to break out a kayak or canoe. You might, if only you knew how deep the water was.

Breaking out your car is another matter; Sheriff Patrick Cannon blocked Sells Lane three quarters of a mile back from where the creek washed over it.

"We couldn't let people risk washing their car's away," he says. "We also had trees that were loosened up and fallen so we had a lot of trees down."

Unlike neighboring counties, Dade County did not dismiss school early Wednesday. Aside from a couple of outages this morning (including the sheriff's house), most Georgia Power customers kept their heat and lights.

Water and wind worked a double-whammy at Wooten's Fresh Market vegetable and fruit stand in Trenton.

"It blowed all my stuff out front, that's about the biggest (problem)," Scott Wooten says.

By early afternoon, he's re-polished and perched his produce.

In all, the rain has brought more nuisance than menace.

 For Rudolph Thompson, it's all in how you roll with it.

"You've got to take care, take it slow and easy and not very fast," he says. "But you can make it. I did."

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