By WRCB Staff

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- The FBI says a farmer out working his field in the vicinity of Vienna, Georgia found the body of a slightly built female lying in his cotton field near a sandy road.

The body bears similar physical characteristics to those of Gladis Russell. Authorities in Ohio are working together with Georgia Bureau of Investigation officers, the FBI and others to identify the remains.

Gladis Russell's husband Richard's body was found in Chattanooga, in late February, along Lightfoot Mill Road.

Samuel K. Littleton II, the man suspected in the couple's disappearance, told police that he dumped the bodies of Richard Russell and his 85-year-old wife, Gladis, along Interstate 75 in Georgia as he drove to Florida.

Littleton said he dumped Gladis Russell's body in a "white, glowing cotton field" off a side road made of sand before he was scared off by an approaching vehicle. He said he later dumped her husband's body on an intersecting paved road.

The 37-year-old Littleton was arrested, in late February, in a wooded area in Princeton, W.Va., where officials had found the Russells' car at a nearby Walmart parking lot.

Authorities believe the couple were killed in their rural home and their bodies kept in the trunk of their car until they were discarded. Littleton's own car had been found abandoned a couple of miles from the Russells' home.

The Russell family has been notified and made aware of the circumstances involving the discovery.

Anyone with information on Dick or Gladis Russell, or Samuel Littleton II, is asked to contact us authorities toll-free at 1-866-693-9171.

Vienna, Georgia is about 60 miles south of Macon, Georgia.