By WRCB Staff

HIXSON, HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- A Hixson man is accused of beating and raping a woman, then tying her up in a bedroom.

19-year-old Joshua Mincy was arrested at 4713 Metro Park Lane, Monday, after he allegedly assaulted his pregnant ex-girlfriend.

When police arrived at the residence, two vehicles were located that appeared to have been vandalized. Additionally, police were told that a woman was on the premises being held against her will.

After speaking with Mincy's sister, police located Mincy's ex-girlfriend and were told that Mincy had assaulted her inside of his apartment. The ex-girlfriend went on to say that Mincy forced her to have sex with him then bound her with duct tape and refused to allow her to leave. Police noted that she had visible injuries to her face, mouth, shoulder, back and hands. She also had duct tape attached to the bottom of her pants leg.

As police were taking Mincy into custody for the assault allegations and vandalism, he became combative with police and kicked an officer. At one point in the struggle to get Mincy under control, he was tasered.

In addition to the domestic assault, vandalism, and rape charge, Mincy was charged with assault on police. On Tuesday, Mincy received an additional charge for harassing phone calls for calling and harassing his ex-girlfriend from the jail. He is still in custody, being held with no bond.