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UPDATE 2: Flooding causes school closings

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By Callie Starnes
Eyewitness News Reporter/ Anchor

CATOOSA COUNTY, GA (WRCB) - Flooding concerns stretch all the way into North Georgia, where Catoosa County schools sent students home early Wednesday.

The decision sparked mixed reaction from parents.

From Boynton Elementary to Lakeview Fort Ogelthorpe High, parents were confused about why school was dismissing early Wednesday.

Clear skies and dry streets made the measure look like an unwarranted inconvenience.

"The roads were fine coming down here," said parent Larry Redden, "I don't understand why they called it off."

Others could attest to the road conditions school officials feared.

"There are some really bad spots in Ringgold," said parents James Harvey.

According to the school system the decision was made after Wood Station Elementary lost power and water.

Water-covered roadways also played a role in the early dismissal.

Chickamauga City Schools and Polk County Schools also closed.

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