By Nick Austin
Storm Alert 3 Meteorologist

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- The heavy rains caused minor flooding in the auditorium at Red Bank Middle School.

Wednesday morning the auditorium had a little more than 2 inches of standing water on the floor stretching from the stage to the first row of seats.

Assistant Principal Scott Fairchild says a nearby drain close to the outside entrance to the auditorium was clogged by debris after last week's tornado, so water came in the building. 

The drain was unclogged and the water was eventually sucked up.

While Fairchild was surprised by the pond, he is no stranger to leaks in the school's roof during rainy days.  

Fairchild says, in his three years at the school rain has dripped into classrooms and the library almost every time Mother Nature brought wet weather.

Fairchild says the students and staff are resilient and maintained a positive attitude. 

He explained that talk of a brand new school has been floating around, so he is hoping to turn over a new leaf for Red Bank Middle School in the next few years.