Paul Barys
Storm Alert Chief Meteorologist

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- As predicted, heavy rain began to fall Tuesday night and will continue through Wednesday night.  Expect flooding issues to arise, due to rainfall amounts over the weekend.
Most areas are expected to receive up to 2 inches of rainfall, with some areas seeing up to three and possibly four inches. Please be prepared to move to higher ground should flooding affect your area. Click here for the latest list of flood watches or warnings in the Channel 3 viewing area.
Channel 3 streams all newscasts live on and begins Eyewitness News Early TODAY at 4:30 a.m. Wednesday.
Drier but cooler weather will move in for the rest of the week.  Warmer weather with lots of sunshine is expected for this weekend.
For Wednesday:

8am...Rain, 50

Noon...Rain, 57

5pm...Rain, 59
Storm Alert Meteorologist
CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)  With more than 3 inches of rain falling over the weekend, we could use a few more days to dry out.  Unfortunately, it looks like more heavy rain will be headed our way Wednesday. Here is what we should expect.
RAINFALL:  This will be the biggest threat.  With the ground already saturated from recent rains, and many tributaries still above normal levels, additional heavy rain will likely cause at least some flooding.  We are expecting the heavy rain to begin Wednesday morning at about 6am.  It will last through the early afternoon and begin to taper off during the drive-time hours.  Expect 2" of rain widespread with locally 3-4" of rain.
WIND: Winds will blow from 10-20 mph through the day on Wednesday.  There is a danger here.  With the recent heavy rain, the ground is already saturated.  More rain will continue to loosen shallow rooted trees.  Combine that with a 10-20 mph wind, and we may see some of these toppling over.
STORMS:  While we may hear a few rumbles of thunder and see a few flashes of lightning, we are not expecting any tornadoes or severe storms.  Rain and the potential for flooding will be the main event.  
We have a number of watches and warnings that are beginning to come in anticipation of the rain and wind tomorrow.
We have several ways to keep you informed. Updated Watches and Warnings will scroll on the screen throughout the day. You can track and zoom the rain right to your neighborhood on the iRadar. Search "WRCB" for free local weather apps on iPhone and Droid. Other mobile devices can use You can also interact with other viewers at,,, and If you see weather problems and it is safe to do so, send a photo to