Paul Shahen
Eyewitness Sports Reporter

Chattanooga, TN (WRCB) -- We could speculate all day on why this tournament may or may not be back in the future, but it's much better to hear it from the source. Our source on Friday was the league commissioner John Iamarino.

"The vote of where the tournament goes is done by the athletic directors, if it was done by head coaches, we probably wouldn't be here," said Iamarino.

Understandable; the Chattanooga men have won the previous two tournaments at The Roundhouse. In fact they've lost just one home conference game this season. Advantage UTC...

Off the court, commissioner John Iamarino says cities like Chattanooga have everything this tournament needs.

Iamarino, "the downtown area has a lot of attractions, the aquarium, the great restaurants. Chattanooga has a lot to do, we hear that from visitors all the time, they didn't realize there was so much to do here."

So why all the talk of this being UTC's last time hosting?

For one it's headed to Asheville the next three years.

Two, Chattanooga is on the outskirts of the Southern Conference. And the league is trying to find a neutral central location. A place to make a semi permanent home...

"I think we might be more inclined to follow the ACC model, they run the majority of their tournaments in Greensboro, but every few years they'll put it on the edge of the conference," said Iamarino.

While Chattanooga may not be the place the Southern Conference wants to plant its roots, Iamarino assures us that UTC will be in the discussions when they want to treat fans on the edge of the conference footprint.

"I would not rule Chattanooga out. If we have another experience this weekend like we have in the past, I think our membership will always look at Chattanooga," said Iamarino.