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Bad fuel leads to high repair bills

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HIXSON, TN (WRCB) -- After getting gas Wednesday night, Julie Arledge said what was in her tank looked strange.

"It was pea soup yesterday. Today it is apple cider, or whatever."

The yellowish solution looked similar to hi-liter fluid as opposed to gasoline, and it's what ended up in her gas tank.

"I was totally frazzled, totally distraught. My car is gone."

She stopped at a gas station on Hwy 153 looking to fillup, but instead got hit with a $500 repair bill after her car stopped about half a mile up the road.

Arledge, who is disabled, said she will have to foot the bill for repair costs and hasn't gotten far with the gas company.

We talked with the distributor and they told us off camera the gas in question was tested, and they didn't find any problems.

Arledge is worried about future repairs.

"I'll have to live with the fact that I don't feel safe in my car anymore. He is telling me it can throw a sensor or bog down on me again."

The entire fuel line was flushed and parts had to be replaced.

Arledge says she's had the car for years and it's been cost efficient until now.

Now her concern is getting past the financial burden and rising cost of gas, both of which have put her in a tight spot

"I can't afford $4 or $5 a gallon gas and $600 to $700 a dollar repairs."

The fuel company says if there was a problem with the gas, there would have been a pattern of complaints -- so far Arledge is the only one.

A spokesperson says they conduct full tests before sending out fuel to stations,

We are told, Arledge's insurance company will help pay for her car repairs.

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