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Man robs convenience store in McMinn County

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By WRCB Staff

MCMINN COUNTY, TN (WRCB)-- Police arrested a man after he robbed a gas station and only got about $80.

A man gave a Marvin Mounts a ride to the Kangaroo on Hwy 68 early Wednesday morning.

Mounts told the clerk he was armed and demanded money. The clerk gave Mounts about $80. Mounts then leaves the store and hangs out in the parking lot.

The driver goes inside to buy a cup of coffee and is told by the clerk what happened. The clerk asks the driver to leave. Driver says he doesn't know Mounts and doesn't want to go out there if that is the case.

Mounts leaves the station on foot and crosses the county line where he is picked up by Sweetwater Police.

Police later find out Mounts was never armed.

Mounts has been booked in to the McMinn County Jail.

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