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UPDATE 4: Jeremy Lane Trial: Day 2

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Jeremy Lane Jeremy Lane
Susan Wood Susan Wood

By Greg Glover
Eyewitness News Anchor

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) --  It's been just over a year since the death of Unum employee Susan Wood.

Just before Christmas 2009, the mother and wife was crossing Fourth Street, walking into her job, when a car hit her and killed her. That car didn't stop.

Police say Jeremy Lane later called to report he was the victim of a carjacking, but his story began to unravel. He now admits to leaving the scene and filing a false report.

Lane denies being drunk, now a jury will decide that.

A store manager and officers testified to the contrary, Wednesday, that he in fact was visibly drunk.

But Wednesday afternoon, the spotlight shifted from the defendant to the investigation itself.

"He was physically sniffling, crying, but I didn't see tears, no," says Chattanooga Police Officer Brian Smith.

Smith describes Lane's appearance the day Susan Wood was struck and killed.

But was there inconsistent police work?  Sobriety tests were not administered until later in the day.

"You made that decision?...You should have. (nods yes)," in an exchange between Attorneys and Officer Kenneth Hogan.

The defense took aim.

"You told Mr. Cox that you made a mistake...in not performing.. (no sir.)," says in an exchange between Attorneys and Officer Hogan.

Calling himself a political pawn, Officer Hogan said he served a two day suspension relating to the case.

Also called into question, his affidavit.

"It says right here, 'he refused all DUI sobriety tests.'  That's what you swore...I just generalized it,"  in an exchange between  Defense Attorney Dan Ripper and Officer Hogan.

Lane has pleaded guilty to fleeing the scene of an accident and lying to police.

But, was he drunk behind the wheel.

"He admitted he'd been drinking...drank the beer," says Investigator Josh Meyer.

A statement CBC security video would seem to contradict.

"He's going out the door now...I don't see any," says Ashley Windham, CBC Manager.

The state will call five more witnesses Thursday before the defense takes its turn.  No word yet on who they'll call or whether Lane himself will take the stand.


CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -  The trial of Jeremy Lane continues Wednesday morning.

Lane is accused of hitting and killing a Susan Woods in December 2009.

On Monday, Lane's attorney entered a plea of guilty to leaving the scene of an accident and filing false police reports.

Jeremy Lane still faces charges of vehicular homicide and driving under the influence.

District Attorney General Bill Cox says at the pace the trial is progressing, closing arguments could begin Thursday or Friday.

Matt Wood, Susan's husband, and family are joined by Susan's coworkers from Unum in the courtroom.

Follow live updates from the courtroom from Callie Starnes (@CallieStarnes) on Twitter.

Jeremy Lane was one of five cooks on staff. Lane was working until close, 3 am, the night Wood was killed.

Chattanooga Billiard Club's former manager is taking the stand. He was Jeremy Lane's boss when Susan Wood was killed.

Prosecution will get one more witness in, and finish tomorrow. Jury being sat after a short recess.

Officers didn't mark or measure where Susan Wood was found dead until a "later date".

It will be shocking if there isn't an internal CPD investigation following Jeremy Lane trial. Officers blaming officers for no DUI tests.

Law requires officers to test for alcohol following a hit and run. None of the officers tested Jeremy Lane on scene.

Officer admits he was punished as a part of this case. He was suspended for 2 days for what defense calls errors in case.

Officer put in affidavit(sworn statement) that Jeremy Lane refused all alcohol tests. Today he admits he didn't ask for test.

Jeremy Lane on tape: "I didn't do s**t, I knew you guys were going to try and pin this on me," when asked about hit and run.

In tape, Jeremy Lane is warned not to lie to officer, he states once again he was carjacked.

Gallery listening closely to taped conversation between officer and Jeremy Lane http://twitpic.com/45fctc

Defense now on cross. Ripper continuing with line of questions about why CPD did not test Jeremy Lane for alcohol.

Det. Josh Meyer: "I had no doubt the carjacking had not occurred."

Detective now on the stand. Says Jeremy Lane told him he drank a six pack with a female in a car, not at CBC.

Officer didn't test Jeremy Lane for alcohol initially because he was reportedly a "victim of a crime".

For first time we're hearing about Chattanooga Billiards Club, where Lane worked. Jeremy Lane told officer he "had a few beers" at work.

Officer: "He reeked of alcohol. I rolled my windows down because of the stench."

Jeremy Lane's parents responded to the scene and confirmed description of their son's car, confirming the same car hit Susan Wood.

Officer says Jeremy Lane heard radio traffic about a hit and run, then started crying because his car may have "hurt someone".

Jeremy Lane also changed location of carjacking while talking to officer. Officer: "he was confused." Says he could smell alcohol.

Officer says Jeremy Lane kept changing story about carjacker having a weapon.

Officer called a code to alert other officers Jeremy Lane was intoxicated. http://twitpic.com/45evu1

CPD officer Brain Smith on stand. He was dispatched after Jeremy Lane reported being carjacked.

Juror 12 has been taken to the hospital after falling. He will be dismissed. Court back in session.

Recess for lunch.

Store clerk says she didn't smell alcohol on Jeremy Lane but says he was visibly drunk. Defense argues she's not trained to tell.

As store clerk describes the layout of the business two of the jurors nodded. Guess they're familiar with the area?

Store clerk: "He had a horrified look on his face, his speech was slurred but he wasn't crying."

There is no audio in store surveillance video. DA wanted to use 911 call as substitute. Judge said no.

Store clerk says Jeremy Lane purchased chips & drink, came in & out of store several times while talking to 911. Video from inside rolling.

Store clerk: "he had his wallet which made me believe he had not been robbed."

Court back in session. Store clerk testifying Jeremy Lane came into her business around 7am, "He said he had been robbed.

Short recess.

Several younger jurors. They look bored with/ testimony about glass shards. Jury allowed to take notes. All have notepads in laps.

Jeremy Lane making notes as testimony continues.

Lab tech analyzed Jeremy Lane's clothing. Says glass in Lane's jacket matched windshield of car he's accused of hitting Susan Wood with.

Next witness employee of TBI lab in Nashville. Has analyzed evidence for 16 yrs. Is signed off as an "expert" in this case.

Defense attorney asking about car impound lot. Points out the car was left uncovered for days before processed.

Officer found clothing on the floor of Jeremy Lane's bedroom. Clothing had glass fragments in pockets.

Officer says he & 2 other officers executed a search warrant at Jeremy Lane's home. They didn't find the keys to Lane's car.

Photos from inside Jeremy Lane's car shows the view from the driver's seat. Has to be hard for Susan Wood's family to see.

Second officer on scene, crime scene investigator. He processed Lane's car. Says, "front windshield busted, damage across hood."

Looking at jury. Looks like 10 women, 4 men. All paying close attention to testimony. A few looking at Lane. Jeremy Lane

Photos of Lane's car being shown. He's accused of hitting and killing Unum employee Susan Wood. Windshield smashed, damage to car extensive.

Jeremy Lane trial continues. Officer who found Lane's car on stand. http://twitpic.com/45csya



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