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Brainerd residents cleaning up and waiting for power

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By Greg Glover
Eyewitness News Anchor

BRAINERD, HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- In the Brainerd area,  streets are now clear but some still in the dark.

EPB is still working to restore power to homes and businesses. Crews are working around the clock to restore the electricity.

"This one blocked the road completely.  It was a huge one.  They got that today. So that's nice," says resident Bill Reynolds.

But what's not nice for Bill Reynolds, while there appears to be juice left in the lines it's not getting to his house.

"No power and the phone lines went out. We have no phone.  We're just disconnected.  We're not in contact with what's going on," says Reynolds.

Trees were down all over the Brainerd area after Monday's storms. 

While a lot of work was done through the day on Tuesday, there are still spots, like the Reynolds' home, that are in the dark.

"It's strange.  Never been an underprivileged person in my life before," says Reynolds. "It's fortunate we're not having really cold weather `cause we're able to tolerate, just bundle up with a little extra clothes."

While work and cleanup continues, roughing it has become the norm and a once romantic gesture has become simply necessary.

"Well, we just ate supper with candle light and uh, we cooked with flashlights.  Ha, ha!" says Reynolds.

The good news, Reynolds says minus the sound of the computer, the radio, the TV and the phone he had the most sound night of sleep, last night, he's had in years.

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