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Storm leaves damage all over Downtown

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By Antwan Harris
Eyewitness News Reporter

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Downtown Chattanooga felt the rage of the storm, from the Hunter Museum all the way to Main Street.

As the storm raged on, nothing was safe from it's path of destruction.

"It was interesting. It was like a switch was flipped from an overcast day to one where the wind was blowing and the rain was pounding against the side of the house," says Tom Causey.

Parts of an abandoned building on Main Street, toppled and reduce to piles of brick.

The storm hit the area around two Monday afternoon, knocking down power lines and leaving debris littered in the streets.

It also left dozens of neighborhood residents without power.

"We lost power for about an hour and half and thankfully EPB could get it back on," says Causey.

The storm took down this piece of art at Hunter Museum. Now it stands surrounded by caution tape.

On the Northshore, welders cut through a billboard that toppled onto the street.

Troy Mills heard everything that was going on.

"When I first heard it, it was a loud whistling sound. Then the debris started going everywhere. It sounded like a tornado," says Mills.

The storm knocked out power for thousands across the city limits.

Mills says at it formed, he was ordered to take safety.

"I was at work at the time and we all had to run downstairs and in the stairwell so it was a big deal. We thought a tornado was coming," says Mills.

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