10:20 pm

EPB is now reporting approximately 17,000 homes and businesses that are without power at this time.  The areas with the highest concentration of outages are Red Bank, where a little over 4,000 homes and businesses are without power, Hixson, Signal Mountain, North Chattanooga, and the Shallowford Road/Tyner area.  They have numerous outages moving out from there, into more remote locations of their service area. 

9:30 pm
EPB is reporting 20,000 homes and businesses still without power.
All counties in the viewing area are not receiving any new damage reports. They are working to fix the known problems.
Lindsey St between 4th and 5th Streets is closed down, due to down trees.
5:12 pm

Dozens of damage reports have been pouring into the Eyewitness Newsroom this afternoon.

The Chattanooga Red Cross has set up a shelter at Red Bank Baptist for residents whose homes were damaged in the storm.

Power lines and trees down all over the area. According to EPB, just over 28,000 are still without power, that's an improvement from the height of the storm.

Areas with the most widespread outages:

  • Signal Mountain
  • Shallowford around Tyner
  • Hixson Northgate Mall area
  • Red Bank and Moccasin Bend
  • East Brainerd
  • Brainerd
  • North Chattanooga
  • Ooltewah Collegedale
  • East Chattanooga
  • Harrison Hwy 58
  • East Ridge


So many trees have hit houses in Red Bank that the city is setting up a command post at 4400 block of Dayton Blvd.


3500 Broad St at St Elmo – reports of a tree on car

4201 Oakland Terrace - tree on house

1223 Marlboro Ave - tree on house

Redding Road - lines down

Pineville Rd near WGOW Talk Radio - bldg damaged

GPS area - trees everywhere, trees on cars, power lines down

Norcross Rd  near BP - trees and power lines down

Talley Road - trees/lines down

4:15 pm

Bradley County dispatch and numerous viewers report the roof of the Johnston Coca-Cola plant on APD 40 is has blown off the building.
What's going on in your area? Send a damage to newstips@wrcbtv.com.
3:57 pm
More from our crew out at Haletown in Marion County:
A floating dock from Hales Bar Marina has overturned and is laying in the middle of Hales Bar Road. Six boats floated away when the dock overturned, three vehicles and a boat were also damaged. The chief at Haletown VFD says it will likely be tomorrow before the dock can be moved out of the road. Power lines are also down in the area.
Haletown VFD is asking residents to avoid Hales Bar Road while crews attempt to clear the scene.
What's going on in your area? Send a damage to newstips@wrcbtv.com.
3:50 pm
The severe T-storm warning for Chattooga and Gordon counties has been extended till 4:30 pm.
3:32 pm
Floating dock at Hales Bar Marina in Nickajack flipped out of water and destroyed.
3:30 pm
View submitted video of storms as they rolled into Downtown Chattanooga. Watch Video
Hamilton County has canceled after school activities due to downed trees in the area.
3:20 pm
Severe T Storm Warning for Chattooga, Dade and Walker Counties until 3:45 pm
Callie Starnes reports man pulled from Red Bank home hit by tree is rattled but safe.
3:18 pm
Two trees fall onto elderly woman's home in Spring Valley Neighborhood. No reports of injuries.
3:15 pm
Report of sculptures blown over at Hunter Museum.
3:10 pm
Red Bank Police and Fire have set up a command post in the 4400 block of Dayton Blvd due to the number of trees fallen into homes.
Chattanooga Fire is on the scene of a building collapse at the corner of Main St and Mitchell. No injuries reported. Looks to be an abandoned building.
3:05 pm
Approximately 37,000 EPB customers without power in Hamilton County after storms move through the area.
Callie Starnes reports that the man in Red Bank has been pulled from his home after a tree fell on the home. No word yet on injuries.
3:00 pm
A tree has fallen on a home in Red Bank. A man is trapped inside. Fire crews are on the scene.
2:59 pm

New TORNADO WARNING issued for DeKalb County, AL until 2:15 CT.
2:50 pm
TORNADO WARNING issued for Bradley, Polk, Cherokee, and Clay counties until 3:30 pm ET.
If you have storm damage photos, share them on http://eyewitness.wrcbtv.com
2:44 pm
Storm reports beginning to filter into newsroom:

Jasper:  Plate glass windows at Jasper Pharmacy have been blown out


Chattanooga: Tree down on Hwy 27 & large metal road signs mangled.

Greenlife Grocery on Manufacturers – plate glass windows blown out

Airport Road Hertz – roof blown off biz

Fairmont /Shallowford --  a lot of trees on houses, trees down in roads

Live lines down Lindsey & 5th

Traffic light blown down Market & 11th


Signal Mountain: Reports of several large trees are down on James Road, Mississippi, & East Brow


Red Bank:  Dayton Blvd  tree on house

2:34 pm
Multiple reports of trees into houses in Hamilton County.
EPB reporting about 2,500 without power right now.
Viewer tell Eyewitness News there are powerlines down near the school in Normal Park.
2:25 pm
Severe TStorm Warning issued for DeKalb, AL; Jackson, AL; Catoosa, Ga; Dade, GA; Northern Walker, GA until 3:15 ET
2:20 pm
TORNADO WARNING issued for Hamilton, Bradley County until 3:00 ET
1:50 pm
TORNADO WARNING issued for Hamilton, Marion, Sequatchie and N Jackson, AL until 2:30 pm ET
1:44 pm
SEVERE TSTORM WARNING for Hamilton, Bledsoe, Marion, Meigs, Rhea, & Sequatchie until 2:15 pm ET.
SEVERE TSTORM WARNING for Jackson county AL unitl 1:30 pm ET.
Tornado Watch extended until 8:00 p.m. for the entire viewing area, including North East Georgia.
1:20 pm
CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Tornado Warnings issued for Grundy and Van Buren counties in Tennessee and Jackson County in Alabama until 12:45 CT
CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - The Storm Alert 3 Team of Paul Barys, David Karnes, and Nick Austin will be tracking severe thunderstorms on Monday. Some of these storms could create tornadoes.
The entire viewing area is under a TORNADO WATCH until 2:00 p.m. A tornado watch means conditions are favorable. It does not mean one is imminent or has been spotted. If you hear us report a tornado WARNING this afternoon, take cover immediately.
The national Storm Prediction Center in Oklahoma has issued a MODERATE RISK for SEVERE THUNDERSTORMS for our area this afternoon.  We have had extremely warm air in place for the past few days, and moisture has been streaming in from the southwest as well.  Those are 2 ingredients for severe weather.  Really, the only ingredient missing is a lifting mechanism to push all of this warmth and moisture upward where it will create tall thunderstorms.  We will get that lifting mechanism in the form of a cold front moving in later today.  Here are the risks that we face later today. 
We will see a few light showers through the morning.  Winds will increase as the front approaches from the west.  Storms will begin to move through between noon and 2pm, and stay with us through drive time.  We will begin to clear out through the evening hours, and colder, drier air will settle in by tomorrow morning.
Winds will increase through the morning, blowing in the mountains at 25-35 mph from the SW.  In the valleys, the winds will blow at 15-25 mph.  Wind gusts will exceed 45 mph.  Around thunderstorms, winds could be even stronger.
Rainfall amounts will range from 1" to 1.5", which will fall in a very short period of time.  Widespread flooding is not expected, but localized flooding on roadways and flood prone areas is a possibility.
Widespread tornadoes are not likely, but we should expect a few to develop.
WAYS TO STAY PREPARED AND INFORMED: Join the conversation with 25,000+ Facebook fans at Facebook.com/WRCBtv or Facebook.com/WRCBweather. Follow us on Twitter at @WRCB and @WRCBweather. Track storms and zoom right down to your neighborhood with our iRadar. Download the free WRCB weather apps for iPhone/iPod/iPad or for Droid. Other phone users can see radar and emergency information on their phone using our mobile site at m.WRCBtv.com. We'll scroll emergency weather information at the top of your screen on Channel 3 and break into regular programming if necessary with a meteorologist.