CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) It's been five years since beautiful 2-year-old Emily Ransom died of stage 4 Neurblastoma, leaving behind a legacy of heartache and hope. heartache in the loss her family feels everyday.  Hope in what the ransom's are now doing for other children.

This week a 1.2 million dollar wing opened at T. C. Thompson Children's Hospital centered around Emily.  A $300,000 CT machine a gift from Emily's power for a cure.

The Ransoms' journey began with what they thought was just a cold.  The family was set to go to Disney World and Wendy thought Emily might need an inhaler, instead the doctor found a tumor in Emily's stomach.

Within days of Emily's death, family and friends had established Emily's Power for a Cure, named for Emily's love of pink Power Rangers.  To date the foundation has raised 500 thousand dollars and this year will fund 2 research grants hoping to find a cure for Neuroblastoma.

At home 2-year-old Molly, who also loves pink Power Rangers has brought new joy to the Ransoms life. Though she will never know her big sister, Emily's spirit will no doubt empower Molly's life in the same way it  has empowered so many others.