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Big Hearts: Sharrock family moving in

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Story by Antwan Harris
Eyewitness News Reporter

LAKEVIEW, CATOOSA COUNTY, GA. (WRCB)-- The final inspection is underway.

Thanks to thousands of volunteers, the Sharrock family will move into their new home Monday night and begin their new lives.

Eyewitness News spoke with builders of the Big Hearts project and neighbors one last time to get a perspective on the week-long event.

The Vision Homes builders say the home is truly the build of a lifetime for them.

They spent the day with the Sharrocks, who say they still can't believe the transformation.

"This is the beginning of the project as far as I'm concerned, not the end," says Craig Smith.

Vision Homes builder Craig Smith hopes the momentum from the last week carries into the near future.

The Sharrock home, now complete, is his company's greatest work and for him, a personal lifetime achievement.

"To look back and realize you can't look at things as closely, but we stepped back and said hey, this was pretty well built," says Smith.

Neighbor Lance Hatfield purchased the original Sharrock problem home years ago. He witnessed the home from demolition to dream home.

He says the community outreach and quality of the home is what impressed him most.

"Its been quite an experience. I have never seen a home that nice being built in seven days," says Hatfield.

Watching over 100 hours of work, thousands of volunteers, and several competitors working side-by-side was the most rewarding and challenging site for builder Jason Willard.

"There were some of the trades here on-site for 25 hours and just seeing their dedication, no one complained one time," says Willard.

Now that the build is complete, what's left over in many neighbors' yards is the leftover debris such as fencing and tent materials.

That's all next on the cleanup list.

Monday, landscapers put the finishing touches on the home.

Inside, the family got accustomed to their new beginnings.

It was a week's worth of community love, poured into a lifetime of change for the Sharrocks.

The mortgage, car note, and other expenses are taken care of for the family.

Both Patrick and Michael were given scholarships to UTC.

The Sharrocks move into the home Monday night.

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