CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - The day after the Sharrock family saw their new home, the gifts kept coming. Several local businesses presented the family with gifts ranging from an iPad to a new lawnmower to college scholarships.

The Michael, Cindy, and Patrick Sharrock spent Saturday night at a local hotel. Today is their first full day in the new home.

Michael Sharrock said, "It's the most beautiful house I've ever seen, ever been in. It is fantastic. It is more than we could ever ask for."

When Channel 3 asked 9-year-old Patrick what his favorite room is, the answer was simple.

"My favorite room is my room," said Patrick.

Mr. Sharrock described the moment he first saw the house as something no one can prepare you for.

"You see the whole process on television and you know a little about what the family is about to see. When the bus pulls away and you're used to seeing your old house and it's not there, it's just funny. It just blows you away. When I saw the house it was like looking at somebody else's house. Then it started to sink in that it's ours."

Cindy Sharrock said the community support has been overwhelming.

"That's been my favorite part," she said. "I know it's Patrick's."

Of course little Patrick steals the show by telling a few jokes, telling one that started: "There was a priest, a pastor, and a rabbi all fishing in a boat..."

Mrs. Sharrock plans to find ways to let her son help more people laugh.

"When you do something for me I'm going to do something for you. I have so many ideas running through my head on how I can give back to the community. Not only me, but how I can use this little comedian (Patrick) to make people smile."

Mr. Sharrock plans to return to college and complete his degree in biology. That will be easier thanks to a scholarship from UT-Chattanooga. Patrick also received a scholarship, if he chooses to attend UTC.

After a whirlwind week, the Sharrocks say they prefer the new normal.

"We hope we don't get back to normal," Mr. Sharrock said.

"We're dumbfounded on how we are going to live now because all we've known was trouble."   

You can watch the news conference as it happened from Megan Boatwright's TwitCast by clicking here.