By Megan Boatwright,

Channel 3 Eyewitness News Reporter

CATOOSA COUNTY, GA. (WRCB) --  We've watched the Extreme Makeover Home Edition house transform from the outside, but what's happening inside is still somewhat of a mystery. 

That's because ABC is doing their best to keep that part under wraps.  What we do know however, is every aspect of the house is designed and custom built for 9-year-old Patrick.

Cheers erupt at Jackson Furniture Industries when 5 living room pieces built specifically for the Big Heart's Sharrock family are wheeled to the truck.

"It's been the talk all week," says employee Tracy Beard.  "Everybody's been excited and willing to help out." 

The couches and chairs built for the Sharrock family look a little fuller than normal.  "On the seats we designed for Patrick we put a little extra fiber, foam and padding."

All that extra wasn't ordered by the Extreme Makeover Design team, it's something the people at Jackson Furniture did themselves. 

"We added a little extra on the seats and back of the furniture," says general manager, Jim Travis.  "We over padded the corners, anything that could cause a potential problem for him.  We made sure it's as safe as possible." 

Back in Chattanooga at Prater Flooring crews are resting after a long night of installing cork hardware floors. 

"The very nature of cork flooring is a natural resistance which absorbs shock," says Prater salesman, Jim Lewis. 

Cork is hardwood flooring but with a softer edge.  Thursday night a crew of 20 from Prater's installed over 2,000 square feet of flooring throughout Patrick's new home.

"The molecular make up of cork has millions of tiny microscopic air bubbles," says Lewis.  "That's what gives it an insulating thermal qualities and shock absorption."