CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - A pregnant Highland Park woman is out of the hospital, after a complete stranger pulled her from a burning home.

Meanwhile, fire investigators still don't know how the fire started.

Still showing signs of smoke inhalation, 21 year-old Angela Vasquez showed Eyewitness News the window she was pulled from moments before her home caved in.

When Channel 3 Eyewitness News met Angela, she wanted to know how to reach Andre Sharpe, a complete stranger who saved her life.

Using a translator, Angela told us she wanted to find Andre and say thank you.

Angela, a Guatemala native, lived with the Romos family. The family returned to their home Wednesday to salvage what they could, it wasn't much.

"Right now I'm broken," said Louis Romos.

Romos found a picture of his father in the rubble, a small blessing for a man who has experienced so much loss.

"Four months ago my brother is dead, three months ago my uncle is dead, my life is too much accidents," said Romos, "and now my property."

Romos says he's not sure how the fire started. He says his sister smelled smoke, but by then the living room was engulfed.

"She opened the door," said Romos, "opened the door and fire just goes in other room."

Investigators say they're looking into a string of disturbance calls made before the fire broke out.

Neighbors and Romos say there was no disturbance.

"They wanted to know if anyone had seen or heard a disturbance out here that morning," said Chris Pennington, who lives next door, "and no one had."

"No, no only calls for fire department," added Romos.

As investigators sort it all out, Romos says his family is leaning on him as he leans on his faith.

"This is my God helping me," said Romos, "this is my God telling me you can do it."

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