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UPDATED: Big Hearts Day 4: A day of progress

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Antwan Harris
Eyewitness News

ROSSVILLE, CATOOSA COUNTY (WRCB) - The day has been one of progress for the build team.

It's a much better progress after being behind nearly 12 hours.

Day Four of the Big Hearts Build was a day of progress for the Vision Homes.

The frame of the home is complete, and roofing was the next challenge.

Builder Jason Willard says progress is coming along, but the build is still behind schedule.

"We have been in the classroom looking at these drawings and looking at these things for the family," says Willard. "To see all the cool details like the bathtub and things we are doing inside for Patrick and seeing it from paper to the ground is exciting."

As hundreds of volunteers hammered away at roofing and window installation, more workers stood on standby to help with the next phase of the job, insulation.

Extreme Home builder Ed Sanders says each build has special meaning to the cast. He says he wants to make sure Patrick has his needs taken care of and the home is safe.

"You definitely learn from house to house, from family to family. And with technology getting better for people in wheelchairs, we can use the best equipment," Sanders says.

The home will be one level, with high ceilings.

The designers have installed a therapy pool for Patrick and tell us everything will be completely level so he never has to worry about hurting himself in the home.


Antwan Harris
Eyewitness News

ROSSVILLE, CATOOSA COUNTY (WRCB) – About half of the roofing is complete.

There are about 320 workers scheduled for Wednesday.

Vision Homes builders Craig Smith and Jason Willard say they are about 4 hours behind schedule. They made up significant time overnight. They also tell us the home will be one level with high ceilings.

Seventy-five workers will be installing drywall today and as of noon, all the windows have been installed.

Designer Ed Sanders said Patrick is a very special kid and they have to do this home right. He says he was touched by Patrick's enthusiasm. He said every build is a journey.


Ken Nicholson

ROSSVILLE, CATOOSA COUNTY, GA. (WRCB)-- It's day 4 here at the Big Hearts Build and tremendous progress has been made!

According to Beth Johnson, public relations coordinator for KMT Creative, crews are extremely close to being back on schedule after a slight setback Tuesday.

As of now, crews are almost finished installing the electrical wiring, HVAC, and plumbing.

By the end of the day, crews are expected to have the roof complete, the foundation filled and sheet rock up.

One volunteer, awaiting his shift to start, says the main entrance of the home leads to a space with 15ft. high cathedral ceilings.

With all the progress made in such a short time, one could only imagine what the new Sharrock family home will look like by the end of the day.

You'll definitely want to stay with WRCBtv.com for updates!

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