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Wednesday: February 16, 2011


 Have your feet been battered by boots this winter? Before digging your sandals out of the closet it's important to prepare your feet for the warmer weather.
  That's why you have to pay attention to foot and toenail care now.
  Podiatrist, Dr. Ira Kraus was our guest this morning.
He gave us the following tips for getting your feet ready for the warmer weather...  

*Trim toenails straight across. This offers an attractive look, and prevents toenail edges from becoming ingrown and causing infection.

* Apply lotion to your feet regularly to avoid dry skin. When you wear sandals you are more prone to getting heel fissures (cracks in the skin).

* Use a pumice stone along with lotion regularly to prevent corns and calluses from building up.

* Wear properly fitting shoes to reduce the chance of blisters

 He also said avoid applying lotion between the toes
 because it allows for a moist environment that invites fungus.

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