CHICKAMAUGA, WALKER COUNTY, GA (WRCB) - Red roses with the words 'I love you' lie at Specialist Fourth-Class Doyle McClendon's grave.

His wife laid him to rest just ten months ago at Chattanooga's National Cemetery.

"It's the last place you saw your loved one last," said Linda McClendon when asked what the cemetery means to her.

Linda cried as she explained why she was not able to visit her husband's grave Valentine's Day weekend.

"You feel like, you know they aren't there, they're gone, but you'd still like to go and put flowers there," said Linda.

Last month Linda fell from her roof.

She underwent surgery so doctors could put 11 screws in her foot.

Linda still can't walk and because the service road to Doyle's grave is closed, driving isn't an option either.

"I can not get down there in a walker, I can't stand up that long," said Linda, "I'm not able to visit my husband's grave."

We paid a visit to the Chattanooga National Cemetery Monday looking for answers.

The administrator would not grant us an interview, but showed us why the road is closed.

The narrow gravel road is bordered by deep culverts.

Just last month an SUV fell into one, coming dangerously close to headstones.

Since then, visitors to that part of the cemetery have been left to walk.

The cemetery will provide transportation to visitors, but that service is only available during normal business hours.

Linda relies on friends for transportation and says weekday trips aren't always possible.

"I sent a little arrangement up there, but I wasn't able to go," said Linda, "I'd love for the road to be opened back up."

Cemetery staff tell Channel 3 the service road will not reopen to visitors, and building a proper one would be up to federal officials.